Terms of Use

a. Cancellation/Amendment is subject to airline/supplier rules mentioned under PENALTIES of the Rules and Restrictions.

b. A minimum of KWD15 non-refundable handling fee applies per ticket/voucher for Cancellation/Amendment in addition to airline/supplier penalties.

c. Cancellation and amendment request can be emailed to cc@tripjet.com or Whatsapp/SMS to +965-66134151 by mentioning your reference number and full name. We will come back to you ASAP. Most of the airlines/suppliers allow changes/cancellations 24 hours before departure; we suggest contacting us at least 36 hours before departure to have enough time to handle your request.

d. Passengers should be at the check-in counter at least three hours before flight departure.

e. It is the passengers’ responsibility to comply with the required documents and visa.

f. Any Service charge once paid is Non-Refundable.

g. Any Add-on services amount once paid are non-refundable. The partial add-on service amount will be refunded in case we cannot fulfill the add-on service purchased by the customer based on case to case.

h. In case Tripjet cannot complete the booking due to last-minute unavailability from the airline, the full amount paid by the customer except the Service Charge will be refunded to the customer. If there is still a seat available for the same flight and there is a fare change for this seat from the airline, the customer is responsible to pay the remaining amount to complete the booking with the new fare. Our call center team will coordinate with customers to give full support if customers encounter any issues with bookings.

i.The agent fees are excluded from the displayed fares. Terms and Conditions of agent commission applied.

Privacy Policy:

Tripjet is committed to maintaining the privacy of our clients. We have policies and procedures in place to restrict access to your personal information to employees that need to know that information in order to provide products or services to you. We train our employees to protect the confidentiality of your records. In addition, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your personal information.


All content of Tripjet website is subject to copyright. The website is for the use of clients and non-commercial use. Nobody has a right to modify, copy, issue, transmit, display, perform, replicate, publish, license, transfer, or sell any information, software, products, or services obtained from Tripjet.

Credit card Use (Visa/Master):

Tripjet accepts all major credit/debit cards. Customers can book on the website for passengers other than themselves. The company will promise to maintain confidentiality when securing an online payment. This covers the security of your credit/debit card details and other personal information. All of the customer’s personal information is encrypted as all information of the customer is passed via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Fraud Management:

As a customer, you agree to use our website or services to make legitimate reservations or purchases and shall not make false or fraudulent reservations. If your booking or account shows signs of fraud, abuse, or suspicious activity, the website shall cancel any travel or service reservations associated with your name, email address, or account. In addition, the website may verify your all transactions through credit/debit card. If you have tried any fraudulent activity, the website reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and you may be liable for monetary losses to the website, including litigation costs and damages.

Tripjet reserves the right to undertake all necessary steps to ensure that the security, safety, and integrity of its systems, as well as its client’s interests, are and remain, well-protected.

Third party links:

Tripjet may contain links and pointers to internet sites maintained by third parties. Third-party links and pointers are included solely for your convenience and do not constitute any endorsement by us, we are not responsible for the information collection practices of third-party web sites that are linked with Tripjet Website. We suggest users review Privacy Policies carefully before providing personal information on any of these web sites.

How is same day free cancellation beneficial?

Available exclusively only to Tripjet travelers, same day free cancellation is a paid service that addresses a primary customer concern: I will lose a lot of money if I cancel my trip due to an emergency?

Consider the scenario below: You book a flight ticket now and change your plan after you made the booking, you will have to pay the airline cancellation and other fees. In addition, if you choose another date for your trip you will lose the cancellation charge above to your new trip charge.

With the same day free cancellation, you get time until the end of the day to decide whether to change the plan with free cancellation. You can utilize the full refund excluding the add-on price of the previous booking for the new trip.

Tripjet offers same day free cancellation on certain airlines/ flights. You can choose and accept same day free cancellation until the end of the day. This gives you time to cancel your travel itinerary without waiting and facing a huge cancellation charge from the airlines.

We charge the same day free cancellation fee for chosen flights. Once the payment is done, you have two options:

        • Before the End of the day, you can login to our website My bookings section. Retrieve your trip details and click on the cancel button. Our Call center agent will be in touch with you to offer free cancellation and they will co-ordinate with you to refund the amount hassle-free.
        • If your plans change, you can ignore the same day free cancellation and forfeit the same day free cancellation fee already paid. You will have still saved a whole lot of money because if you had canceled the booking without same day free cancellation option, you would have been charged a huge cancellation fee.

What is the same day free cancellation fee and same day free cancellation expiry period?

        • Same day free cancellation fee is a small amount that you pay to save the huge cancellation fee if there is a change in your trip before the end of the day. This fee is non-refundable. The expiry period will be until 23:50 at the end of the day on which you made the booking with Tripjet.

What are the other terms & conditions for Same day free cancellation?

        • Bookings must be completed and paid to avail this offer. Otherwise, normal cancellation fees will be applied.
        • Same day free cancellation charge is non-refundable, non-adjustable, and non-transferable to another instance by the same person or to another person.
        • If a customer chooses the Same day free cancellation for airlines such as Jazeera, Fly Dubai, Indigo, Air India express, Salam Air, Air Arabia, or any other low-cost airlines which will not accept same day free cancellation and the customer must pay a normal cancellation fee, Tripjet will adjust 3KD of same day free cancellation fee in the actual airline cancellation fee amount.
        • Tripjet will not be responsible for cancellation charges due to natural disasters, calamities, acts of God & force majeure; the Company shall not be covering the same. In such a scenario, the Same day free cancellation shall be invalidated.

Price Policy for Sports and Events Booking

The price you will be charged with is that indicated on the Site at the time of the purchase. Without derogating from the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to alter prices of items and/or services as displayed on the Site at any time without prior notice.

The Company operates within the secondary market in which the availability of the tickets and their pricing are determined and differs by market's supply and demand. Therefore, in some events (mostly in high profile or sold-out events) it is expected that the selling price of the tickets will be higher than their face value (the value printed on the tickets).

By placing an Order on the Site, you acknowledge and agree that the price of the tickets you ordered might be higher than their face value. 

Tickets Delivery for Sports and Events Booking

a.You shall be responsible to provide the Company with the correct delivery address and other details as may be reasonably required by the Company for the accurate and timely delivery of the tickets. You are obliged to inform the Company of the final delivery details or any change thereof no later than one week prior to the event's date.

b.The Company shall not be held liable in the case confirmed tickets are not properly delivered as a result of incorrect details provided by you while placing the Order, or at any time afterward, or in case you have failed to provide the necessary hotel details one week prior to the event's date. In such case, you will be fully charged for your Order as well as for payment in respect of forwarding and handling charges. Please pay attention and fill in accurate and updated details. Please note - the submission of false personal details is strictly prohibited according to law.

c.The Company shall not be held liable If you have not accepted or picked up the delivered tickets. In such case, the tickets shall be deemed delivered and you shall be fully charged for the Order, including delivery fees.

d.The Company shall not be held liable in case the confirmed tickets were duly delivered to the customer's address, as provided by the customers in advance, but were not handed out to the customers by the recipient of the tickets. For example, the Company shall not be held liable in case the tickets were delivered to the customer's hotel/building reception but the customers didn't receive the tickets due to the hotel's failure to forward the tickets to the customer.

e. Late arrivals – If the customer arrives at the delivery address provided by him only on the day of the event, he should verify by 09:00 AM of that day, that the tickets were properly delivered to the hotel/building address. If there is a problem with the delivery of the tickets, the customer needs to inform the Company immediately, and up until 12:00. The company shall not be responsible for non-verified tickets if the customer did not follow the above-mentioned guidelines.

f. The Company reserves the right to change the tickets delivery method (for example, from hotel delivery to collection point) if required. In such case, the Company shall inform you accordingly in a timely manner and shall not be responsible or liable for any damage caused by such changes. This will not constitute a breach of contract on the Company's end.

Cancellation of an Order for Sports and Events Booking

a.All orders are binding and cannot be canceled without the Company's prior written approval.

If you have any problem with the Order, please contact us. you can be sure we'll do everything we can to help. If we manage to cancel your order, you will be charged a cancellation fee, at the Company’s sole discretion.

In case you have a complaint:

As a customer, It will be your responsibility to ensure that all of the details on your travel documents are correct and to bring to our attention any errors or discrepancies immediately.

It is also your responsibility to fulfill the passport, visa, and other immigration requirements applicable to your itinerary. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. We do not accept any responsibility in the case of you being unable to travel due to not complying with any such requirements.

Kindly reach our customer care via email at cc@tripjet.com for any other queries, complaints, inquiries, and clarification.

Choice of law and jurisdiction:

The use of Tripjet and the terms mentioned above are subject to the laws of the State of Kuwait and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Kuwait. Also, the website reserves the right to bring proceedings to the courts of the country of your location.

The website policies and Terms & Conditions may be changed occasionally to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore, customers are requested to frequently visit these sections in order to be updated about the changes on the website. Modifications will be effective on the day they are posted.

Kindly reach our customer care via email at cc@tripjet.com for any other queries, enquiries, and clarification on data/information collection, protection, and usage, or if you wish to unsubscribe from certain notifications, our team would respond within 24 Business Hours.